Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence (EI) is a crucial aspect of our ability to navigate the complex world of emotions. It involves recognizing, understanding, and managing our own emotions, as well as being aware of and considerate towards the feelings of others.

74 reviews for Emotional Intelligence

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    Henry Nwuzi

    Nice topic in this contemporary world

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    It is a very interesting course to partake in.

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    It is a very nice course

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    the importance of this topic can not be overstated, its very interesting

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    Abubakar Waziri

    Nice course

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    Gali Bulus

    Very good course

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    Nura Rufai

    It is very nice course

  8. User Avatar

    Nura Rufai

    Very nice course

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    Educative and informative, I love the course in totality

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    The course is highly recommendable

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    Olufemi Afolabi


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    Akinyem Bello

    Very nice course

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    IDare Oyadosu (verified owner)

    A detailed treated course

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    This program is very important for us to give us to know who you are

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    Dantani Wunukhen Awudu

    It’s a nice course

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    Very nice course seriously I like it. It is very important for us to learn it and use it in our day and day activities

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    Lucky Soraniabari

    Well understood and much appreciated to FGN

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    Usman abubakar

    Is very much good for us this course serious is very important for the people who is going to show responsibility and relishing to the viewers

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    Ukashatu Abdulkadir

    Very good course
    Seriously I like it. It is very important for us to learn it and use it in our day and day activities.

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    Ukashatu Abdulkadir

    Aww you want review me ❕

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    ABDULJABAR YUNUSA (verified owner)

    The course is awesome and interesting

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    Abba Tijjani

    Basic fundamental of a successful business is emotional control, i like the topic.

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    Abdullahi Alhassan

    Good course

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    Yakubu Ahmad

    Excellent course

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    Olufunke Olonibua

    Excellent course

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    Ofuyah Jethro

    Excellent course

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    An interesting topic

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    Mohammed Abdullahi

    I can open anything

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    Kamilu Bello

    Am. Really appreciate for the topics

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    ABDULJABAR YUNUSA (verified owner)

    interested topic i love it

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    Aisha Ama Umar

    Very interesting topic

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    Jamiu Oladiran

    Lovely course

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    Blessing Yakubu (verified owner)

    Wow really enjoy this course

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    Nafisat Yahaya (verified owner)


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    Sani Jeremiah

    Nice topic good topic

  36. User Avatar

    Sadiq mohammed


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    zaharaddeen Muhammad abubakar

    Very interested topic

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    Blessing Yakubu (verified owner)

    Very interesting lectures

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    Ahmad Muhammad Garba

    Very nice course

  40. User Avatar

    Ahmad Garba

    Very interesting course

  41. User Avatar

    Ahmad Garba

    Very nice

  42. User Avatar

    Ahmad Garba

    It is an interesting course

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    Abdulmajid Aliyu

    Very interested thanks

  44. User Avatar

    Ahmad Garba

    Very understandable topics

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    ALIYU DAHIRU (verified owner)

    Very interesting

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    Mubarak Aliyu Muhammad

    Thanks You

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    Ahmad Garba

    The great and understanding course

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    Abudalib Aliyu

    Nice to hear and attending

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    Muhammad Aisha

    Nice to hear and attending

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    Very interesting

  51. User Avatar

    Ahmad Garba

    Very interesting course and understanding

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    nice one

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    Ikeh Chigozie

    Very interesting and educating topic but I couldn’t find my assessment test for this topic, what do I do

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    Ismail Surajo (verified owner)

    interesting lesson

  55. User Avatar

    Atiku Ibrahim

    Interesting lesson

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    Umeadota Lilian Ezinwa

    This course is highly educative. All thanks to fgn alat for bringing and making life for easy for the populace.

  57. User Avatar

    joel abara

    Great topic on emotional intelligence. I learnt something new

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    Yusuf Suleman


  59. User Avatar


  60. User Avatar



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    Sumaila Achimi (verified owner)

    Nice lecture

  62. User Avatar

    Blessing sarki kogi

    Nice lecture

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    Abubakar Shehu

    It’s indeed a nice lecture 💯✅

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    Abdullahi Ahmad Tom

    Nice course

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    Ibrahim Muhammad

    In deed its a nice course and helpful

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    Saifullahi Auwal

    Nice course I’m sure this’ll help me alot in the future

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    Abduljalal Halliru (verified owner)

    Wow great lecture I really appreciate that course make us good knowledge

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    Aminu Haruna Musa

    Good course
    But no spaces to write the Answers ot the assessment.

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    Ibrahim Muhammad

    This course is very recommendable

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    Samuel Uche (verified owner)

    Very interesting course thanks FGN

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    Abdulganiyu ibrahim

    Productivity effectively

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    Astonishing lecture

  73. User Avatar


    Very interested course.

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    Desmond Siaka (verified owner)

    Nice course i really enjoyed it

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